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I'll always love you

Rosabelle | But you can always call me Mrs.Morgan

I ship klaroline, koroline, steroline, stelena, kalijah, klefan, klefaroline, and stebekah

I cry because Joseph Morgan and Nathaniel Buzolic

Paul Wesley is better than you

Daniel Gillies = Sex booomb

>>jomo-porn >> jomoporn <<


elena gilbert ► one outfit per episode
↳  2x01 “The Return”

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Bystander Revolution: Nina Dobrev | Pixie Haircut

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Do you ever get sick of me writing about death?
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Daniel Gillies taking my phone and taking selfies at PaleyFest 2014 — March 22, 2014

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Elena Gilbert + favorite outfits (part 1)

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Which one of you is gonna get to kill the elusive Katherine Pierce once and for all?

  5x15   I miss you already omg   katherine pierce   katerina petrova   nina dobrev

Something tells me I’m about five centuries delayed on believing in the whole ‘higher power’ thing.

  I swear this reminded me of spn   I was screaming in horror and pain omg   omg   katherine pierce   ily baby :((((   nina dobrev   katerina petrova   5x15

@mkmalarkey How NOT to sit in a cab. @ninadobrev

@mkmalarkey How NOT to sit in a cab. @ninadobrev

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