shipping klefaroline Elijah, I love you

I'll always love you

Rosabelle | But you can always call me Mrs.Morgan

I ship klaroline, koroline, steroline, stelena, kalijah, klefan, klefaroline, and stebekah

I cry because Joseph Morgan and Nathaniel Buzolic

Paul Wesley is better than you

Daniel Gillies = Sex booomb

>>jomo-porn >> jomoporn <<


This is just some questions you may have that i will not answer again and again. :)


Rosabelle, Canada.

Follow me Back?

Im sorry but i don’t do follow backs. I follow ONLY TVD blogs, and I will only follow back if i like your blog.

What do you use for your edits?

Photoshop Cs5

Can you promo me?

I hardly ever promo anyone so that will be rarely.

Why did you unfollow me?

I unfollowed you either because i do not like the things you post, or you were being rude. (As in hate to ANY ship) Also i hate people that steal others work, and don’t give credit. So if you do that, and never gave credit, i unfollowed you.

How many followers do you have?

Much more than i deserve

Who do you ship?


How many blogs do you follow?

Very few. No more than 100

Are the Gifs you use yours? 

No. Not all of them are mine. (only the ones i claim as mine)

Unfollower Tracker?


Do you read/write fanfictions?

Yes I do. HERE

When’s my birthday?

May 14

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